HOPE Campaign is comprised of several year round projects that are dedicated to a specific mission. Currently HOPE has three main campaigns with more in development. While each mission might be different they all share a common theme to raise awareness by connecting creatives with causes.


What started out as a temporary art project quickly turned into an Austin landmark. The HOPE Outdoor Gallery (HOG) provided the artistic community a place to practice their skills while sharing and teaching their craft with the local community. Over 500 artists, families, and creatives visited the HOG daily to inspire and be inspired.

Since 2011 HOPE Outdoor Gallery has provided many benefits to the Austin Community:  job creation for local artists, connections to art commissions, elementary to high school art classes, Foster Kids program, school field trips, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts, college club service, children’s birthday parties, summer school programs, live art projects, supper club dinners, dance videos, breaking dance classes, yoga classes, photography spot, marriage proposals plus many more. 

Currently the HOG is under construction by the Austin Airport. Our new location will provide us the space and resources to expand our programming to better serve the amazing creative class of Austin. 


Founded in 2009, the HOPE Farmers Market brings community together each week in an effort to support farmers and small businesses, increase access to healthy food, and celebrate local culture in East Austin, Texas. More than just another pop-up market, HOPE FM is both a weekly showcase and community meeting grounds, inviting Austinites to take part in a growing local food system while experiencing free live music, art and educational programming. 

Join us every Sunday from 11am – 3pm at Plaza Saltillo E 5th and Comal, East Austin, TX

Every week you can expect to find: seasonal local fruit and vegetables, ethical Texas meat, eggs, dairy, handmade small batch prepared foods, local artisans, local crafters, non-profit advocacy groups, free live music for all ages, and free yoga. 


HOPE for Senegal (HFS) was founded in October 2011, and helps with education, sustainability, and creativity projects in one of the 25 poorest nations in the world. HFS originally focused on helping Lycée Malick Sy High School, which has over 4,000 students, located in the Thies region of Senegal. 

HFS has grown to include projects across Senegal which directly supports individuals and communities. 

HOPE for Senegal has completed these goals: given over 300 scholarships so girls could attend high school, provided 37 students with bikes to address transportation challenges getting to their school, brought the award winning JamLab team from Nairobi to train 50 students over the course of one week how to leverage social media for social good. Built a teacher resource room for the school’s 140+ teachers and equipped it with computers, printers, and a duplicating machine plus much more. 


This campaign is focused on music programming. The HOPE Farmers Market FM Live Series which showcases local musicians who perform at the market each Sunday. 

HOPE has created two albums comprised of an array of artists who contributed their talents for a cause. 


This campaign is currently in development. This fine art print series will showcase a diverse group of artists where each new edition all proceeds go towards a different causes. Expected launch is Winter 2019. 


This campaign is currently in development. Our creative camps will have a focus on arts education and creative industry education. These camps will be for all age, skill set, and backgrounds. Expected launch is Summer 2020. 


This campaign is currently in development. This campaign will focus on teaching youth how to create murals. Expected launch is Summer 2020.