HOPE Partner Projects

HOPE works to Connect Creatives with Causes locally and globally. Through HOPE Events, we raise awareness and funds as well as provide in-kind support which has supported the following partner organizations and projects through the HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign:

HOPE for India 
Tender Heart Foundation 

HOPE for North America
HOPE Farmers Market |  The Homegrown Revival

HOPE for Philippines 
Apl.de.ap Foundation 

HOPE for Darfur
Darfur United  |  Darfur Peace & Development  |  The Devil Came on Horseback

HOPE for Kenya
Young African Express  |  Sarakasi Trust |  CTC International |  Honey Care

HOPE for Rwanda
Aegis Trust | Global Grassroots

HOPE for Uganda
The Voice Project

HOPE for Sudan
Lost Boys of Sudan

HOPE for Congo
Tiziano Project

HOPE for the Gulf
Gulf Future

HOPE for Nicaragua
The Nicaragua Project

HOPE for Haiti
Artists for Peace and Justice